German-English dictionaries

German-English dictionaries and glossaries – online

  • One of the best electronic language dictionaries on the web. Constantly updated, with versions for translation between German and English and many European languages.
  • An extensive searchable database of translated segments. Often useful for finding terms that may be hard to find in a dictionary, often in various contexts. Available for German-English, as well as other language pairs.
  • One of the best online German-English dictionaries of general abbreviations.
  • Beolingus Very good German-English online dictionary, provided by TU Chemnitz. Also available for German-Spanish and German-Portugese.
  • DocCheck’s ‘Flexicon‘ is primarily a dictionary of medical terms, but often includes an English translation of the term. Just click on ‘Stichwort…’.
  • Glossarissimo Blog with a searchable multilingual database of glossaries.
  • Grimm Das Deutsche Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm im Internet.
  • IATE Inter-Active Terminology for Europe (IATE) is the inter-institutional terminology database of the European Union (see link in sidebar). IATE has 8.4 million terms and covers all 23 official EU languages.
  • LEO Excellent German-English online dictionary. Also available for translations between German and French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian.
  • PONS Online Dictionary German-English
  • TAUS A very large translation database in multiple languages, compiled by the TAUS Data Association (TDA).

German-English dictionaries and glossaries online – medical

German-English dictionaries – technical

  • Langenscheidt Professional Fachwörterbuch Technik und angewandte Wissenschaften.  Download for PC. German-English, English-German. Perhaps the best general technical DE-EN dictionary available.
  • Langenscheidt Muret-Sanders Grosswörterbuch. German-English, English-German. Probably the best general German-English dictionary currently available. Book.
  • Langenscheidt Routledge Professional-Fachwörterbuch Wirtschaft, Handel und Finanzen Englisch für Mac, German-English, English-German. Download. Also available for Android smart phones.
  • Dietl, C.-E. and Lorenz, E. (2015) Wörterbuch für Recht, Wirtschaft und Politik. I. English-German II. German-English, Verlag C.H. Beck. Excellent reference for legal terms. The latest edition is expected to be available in 2016. Book.
  • Kucera, A. Wörterbuch der exakten Naturwissenschaften und der Technik. I English-German, II German-English, Oscar Brandstetter Verlag. Quite comprehensive, but not as useful as the Langenscheidt. Book (2002) and online (2014).
  • Ernst, R. Wörterbuch der industriellen Technik. Vol. 1 German-English (2015) Oscar Brandstetter Verlag, 8th edition; Book, CD-ROM/Download
  • see also Online glossaries & resources for German technical translation.

Medical dictionaries – books and downloads

  • Dorlands Illustrated Medical Dictionary, (32nd edn., 2011) Elsevier, 2176 pp. Excellent value. Book and ebook (pdf).
  • Pschyrembel Klinisches Wörterbuch 2014 (de Gruyter Verlag) Monolingual German medical dictionary/encyclopaedia. Book and online.
  • Nöhring, F.-J. (2010) Pschyrembel Fachwörterbuch Medizin Deutsch-Englisch (de Gruyter Verlag) Excellent German-English medical dictionary, 1729 pp. Similar to Reuter but quite a bit more expensive.
  • Reuter, P. (2005) ‘Der Grosse Reuter’ – Springer Universal Wörterbuch Medizin Pharmakologie Zahnmedizin Deutsch-Englisch, Springer-Verlag, 1569 pp. Excellent medical DE>EN dictionary – quite inexpensive and remarkably good value.
  • Pucher, H. (2000) Wörterbuch der bildgebenden Verfahren/Dictionary of Medical Imaging: Deutsch-Englisch, English-German. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg.

See also ‘Books about translation‘.