Copyediting and proofreading

What’s the difference?

Copy-editing and proofreading are often thought of together, but they are separate processes. Copy-editing a technical document involves improvement of the style and quality to make it as clear and understandable as possible. This may require correction, condensation, reorganisation and other modifications. Proofreading is more concerned with the fine details, such as errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Experience and qualifications

As an academic at universities in Europe and the United States, I was active as a writer, editor and proofreader of medical and scientific documents for publication in international journals. I bring this experience to my work as a freelance translator and editor.

Major editing projects

  • Book chapters on Muslim approaches to human dignity for a German academic
  • Extensive document on Ethiopian workers’ compensation for a United Nations body
  • Data sheets on the composition and properties of homeopathic medication for a German agency
  • Manuscripts for publication in a bilingual dermatology journal (more than 360 articles copy-edited)

Contact me if I can help to ensure the quality of your English text (either US or UK). See also ‘Medical translation projects’ and ‘Grammar and Style‘.

The Importance of Copy-editing and Proofreading

“What kind of impression does your printed or online material give? Surely, you’ve worked hard to formulate the right message for your audience. If you haven’t taken the time to edit and proofread, however, the idea that gets across might not be the same as what you intended.

Typographical errors, inaccurate grammar, and usage mistakes will not slip by unnoticed. They can convey the notion that you are careless. Such preventable oversights will diminish the reader’s confidence in your company. No matter how professional you are in other areas, a customer who spots sloppy copy will see you as amateurish—definitely not the impact you’re aiming for.

The bottom line is to have a trusted editor review all print and online copy. If you do not have such a person on staff, it is worthwhile to outsource this important function. Your customer’s impression of your company relies on it.”

(Upwrite Press, Write for Business)