Blogs by translators

Blogs by translators in English

  • Slator: a commercial blog with regular press releases on the language industry.
  • About Translation: by a company owner who teaches the theory and practice of translation as well as software localisation.
  • Between Translations: a blog by a German-to-English translator about continuing professional development (CPD) and the use of technologies such as CAT tools.
  • Blogs on translation: an extensive list compiled by the American Translators Association.
  • The Bottom Line: by Fire Ant and Worker Bee, authors of ‘The Prosperous Translator’.
  • ExtraSpeech blog: powered by Olivier Den Hartigh, an English to French translator, this blog provides advice to translators to optimise their careers and practices, and improve their productivity.
  • Glossarissimo: Blog with a searchable multilingual database of glossaries.
  • Intralingo: a blog on literary translation by Lisa Carter. Her blog is truly a gold mine of advice for aspiring literary translators, especially those who want to make some money while they’re at it. (Corinne McKay).
  • Oliver Thalmann’s Medicine and health blog – “a colourful mix of health, freelance and translator tips/advice”.
  • A Smart Translator’s Reunion: another language & translation blog (but probably the only one from Reunion Island)
  • Thoughts on translation: by the author of ‘How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator’.
  • Translation Therapy: by an independent English to Hebrew translator specialising in information technology and life sciences; mentions other useful blogs.
  • Translation Times: Blog by the authors of “The Entrepreneurial Linguist”
  • Translation Tribulations: “Kevin Lossner’s quirky exploration of translation technologies, marketing strategies, workflow optimization, resource reviews, controversies, coffee and other topics of possible interest to translators, language service providers and language service consumers”.
  • Translators Hub: Posts about various aspects of translation by the Tomedes agency. See also their listing of upcoming translation conferences.

Blogs by translators in German

  • False friends, good and bad translation: Ein Blog über false friends, grottenschlechte und supergute Übersetzungen, sowie die Tücken des beruflichen Alltags als Übersetzer/Texter für Englisch.
  • Neidmare:  Der Blog von Miriam Neidhardt, Autorin von ‘Überleben als Übersetzer”, mit gelegentlchen Einträgen.
  • Tradika: ‘Über den Übersetzer- und Universitätsalltag, Themen aus Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien und Griechenland und etwas Allerle’.
  • Ü wie Übersetzen: ‘Tipps & Tricks für ÜbersetzerInnen’.
  • Wieser & Kessler: Der Blog einer Firma, welche auf Konferenzdolmetschen und Fachübersetzungen spezialisiert.

Blogs about medical translation

  • Signs & Symptoms of Translation: A blog by a Emma Goldsmith, a Spanish to English medical translator, often with useful information about CAT tools such as SDL Studio.